Sewing backpacks

We started our history with the production of backpacks in a natural way. Initially, they were travel bags, but with the growing market demand for manufacturers of backpacks and smaller shoulder bags. Bearing in mind the well-prepared machinery for such production, we have expanded our services, also with the production of backpacks.

In the past, we have already sewed tourist backpacks, but not only. We can boast of such projects as: sewing specialist backpacks for the transport and use of portable printers, as well as the production of placako-bags for divers.

The backpack sewing service includes: cutting materials and accessories, sewing, quality control, cleaning the finished product, as well as individual and collective packaging.

It is also possible to commission us with confection, i.e. filling backpacks with products indicated by the customer, provided by the person ordering the sewing service.