Sewing furniture upholstery

In recent years, due to the very high demand for furniture upholstery produced in Poland, we have focused on this type of production. On a daily basis, we make stitching for many reputable companies from the country and abroad, and the products of our contractors are available, among others. on the German, French and British markets.

We sew furniture from hard and soft materials on a cotton or foam lining. We provide comprehensive service for your orders, from cutting the material, through the preparation of accessories, sewing, quality control, packaging and transport to the destination.

In our work, we use specialized machines. The whole process begins in the cutting room, where we have a 20-meter table that allows cutting large-area elements and cotton wool (sheep, PP fluffy foam). In addition to various vertical and circular knives, we also have two stations with band knives for cutting more complex materials and a multi-layer cutter.

The next stage in the production of furniture upholstery is the appropriate preparation of accessories such as zipper tapes, pikes, strings and keders. Due to the necessity to reduce production costs, we use an automatic machine that cuts elements into sections of equal length.

We are a sewing room, so the most important stage of production should be services related to sewing. As we mainly deal with heavy sewing, we have machines with double and triple transport in our machine park. This allows you to maintain the highest quality and accuracy of stitching. Among the single-stitch machines, we also have double-stitch machines, often used in the production of furniture seats, as well as overlocks.

The finished furniture upholstery, after being given appropriate shapes by seamstresses, goes to cleaning. The last, but as important as the previous stage, is the quality control performed by employees with the greatest experience and a watchful eye.

Of course, apart from the above services related to sewing furniture upholstery, we assemble and pack ready sets, prepare them for shipment and, if necessary, transport them to the recipient’s premises.